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Our experienced and dedicated managers are committed to improving the effectiveness of project teams everywhere. Meet them here:

Robert Carlsson

Robert is Alloy’s CEO and visionary leader. Robert has led technology development for very complex projects for over 20 years. Previously, he was a director at the Marshall Space Flight Center.

E-mail: robert.carlsson@alloytech.biz
Phone: +46 8 123 456

Michelle Hernandez

Michelle brings more than 10 years of finance and operational management experience to Alloy. She has been the CFO for several VC-backed high tech startups over the past decade.

E-mail: michelle.hernandez@alloytech.biz
Phone: +46 8 123 458

Amar Gupta

Amar is our CTO and manages Alloy’s engineering team, delivering high-performance software to thousands of users.

E-mail: amar.gupta@alloytech.biz
Phone: +46 8 123 456

Todd Slayton

Todd is Alloy’s roll-up-your-sleeves operations guy, responsible for sales, business development and customer engagement.

E-mail: todd.slayton@alloytech.biz
Phone: +46 8 123 457